How to Prevent your Adsense Account from being Banned by Google?


Adsense is the other half of the Google affiliate network. There is Google AdWords for people who want to post adverts, and Google Adsense for people who want to run those adverts on their website in return for some sort of payment (usually via clicks). Affiliate advertising is a solid way of monetizing your website, […]

Will Google Earn More From Its Penguin Update?

google panada update

As recently as a few months back SEO experts as also online entrepreneurs were caught totally unawares when Google, the most popular global search engine, announced that it would now provide ranking on the basis of its new updates, Panda and Penguin. The reason why release of these updates created more than a flutter amongst […]

Google Shares: Tips to Hiring a SEO Company

Video thumbnail for youtube video Google Shares: Tips to Hiring a SEO Company-

I recently came accross this Google Business 14 minute video on YouTube. It addresses the issues many businesses face when deciding upon an SEO Company. So I wanted to share it with everyone. Google SEO: What, Why and How to Hire the Right SEO Company Here is the video transcript which originally aired on YouTube […]

SEO Tips to Use for Content Creation in 2013

seo tips for Google content

The year 2012 is gone, and for many of us that means taking a fresh look at our website or blog. For many people, it’s a wakeup call that things need to change, especially when it comes to the content on your website. SEO Content Tips for 2013 You might find that you have a […]

Diversity In Your Seo Campaign

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We all know that an SEO campaign needs to be free from spam and spun content nowadays. It is increasingly hard to create a link that will have any value in the eyes of Google, and assist your rankings positively. The thing is Google still looks for diversity in a sites back links and content. […]

How to Perform a SEO Audit in 4 Steps

SEO Audit

A SEO Audit Can Uncover Search Ranking Opportunities Those who find that they are not having as much luck with their website and content as they had hoped will want to consider performing a site audit, or having someone do it for them. The audit will be able to look at many of the various […]

SEO Content Writing That Eliminates Writers Block

Writing SEO Content

As a content writer and SEO professional, I must admit that writing bogs me down quite a bit. I work with several clients from numerous fields and specialties, and there are times when I draw a blank on what to write to optimize their sites. Eventually, when you have written tons of content to optimize […]

Show, Don’t Tell With Your Content Marketing Strategy

The moment you land on a website, you have about 3-5 seconds to decide whether you want to continue browsing or return to your search engine. Those few seconds are the most crucial moments for any business, organization or group. If you can’t snag the consumer or viewer, then there goes potential interest and business. […]

WordPress SEO Infographic ~ Top 20 “How Tos” for Your Own Website

When Set Up Correctly WordPress SEO Can Be… (Almost) Set It & Forget It Informative infographic provides top 20 most effective ways to SEO optimize your own WordPress website. Have questions? We are ready to help you succeed online. Contact for all search engine optimization consultant questions and answers.     SEO for Google […]

SEO Friendly Website Builder

SEO friendly website

Introducing the Newest SEO Friendly Website Builder Update Many of you may be aware that has expanded to better service our clients. SEO Friendly Website Builder was created to Solve Search Engine Optimization Problems Over the years many businesses have hired us for Google SEO optimization. One of the very first tasks we perform […]