Website Market Values

how to increase the market value of a website

Increase the Dollar of My Website!

Did you know that improving your search rankings – increases the cash value of your website?

Enjoy financial benefits today with higher website traffic and online sales plus a bigger pay day when you sell your website.


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What is the Market Value of Your Website?

Hint: Your website analysis showed you how to increase your website market value.

Now… find out what happened the day I sold one of my websites below.

How to Calculate Your Website Market Values

Do you know what your website is worth?

An industry leader approached me several years ago and asked if my website was for sale. I had never considered selling it, but like most everything – it was for the right price.

Price? How would I determine what my website market values were?

There were three things the buyer cared about:

1.) the number keywords the site ranked for on Google

2.) the position of those search rankings

3.) the CPP (cost per click – the rate paid by to ) rate used by Google

There were other considerations but using these 3 measurements it would be easy to estimate a purchase price or dollar value of my website.

Here is the formula:

The monthly value of your organic traffic can be calculated this way– divide the number of monthly searches by the search ranking position and then multiplying by the estimated cost per click if you were to buy that click via Google Adwords.

The concept is simple. If someone is willing to “pay” to have their ad appear in Google search results, an organic listing is worth that price or more.

Is your website your #1 business asset?

Today more than ever businesses rely upon website traffic for branding, prospects, leads and sales.

When I am asked what the cost of SEO is my response is… SEO is not a cost – it is an asset.

The day the buyer purchased my website was an enormous pay day for me. Similar to a successful financial planning strategy, allocating funds towards search engine optimization delivers financial benefits while you own your website – but perhaps a bigger pay day when you sell.

How to increase the value of your website. 

Improving your website search rankings will increase the market value of your website.

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