How Much Does SEO Cost?

What Should You Pay for SEO?

First, let me start by saying I am talking about ethical and honest Google SEO best cost. There is a colossal difference between white hat (principled) and black hat (shady, spammy and get there quick schemes) SEO practices.

SEO Cost Expectations

Website owner: wants to pay the very least amount to obtain the fast results

SEO guru: wants to allocate enough time and resources to get long term results

SEO Costs that Make My Clients Exultant

The cost of SEOEducating my clients about the entire process helps them to understand the cost of SEO. If they too want to achieve long term results for a host of top search rankings in Google and other prominent search engines, and ultimately sales from their website it is critical to recognize the necessary steps involved.

Quantifying the Cost of SEO Involves Comprehending the Process

For example, before I can execute best practices I dive into discovery mode to uncover factors that provide insightful data by analysis existing structures and create an actionable plan.

  • Analysis of website
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Website analytics
  • Social influence
  • Brand awareness

The amount of time necessary to devote to each of the above tasks depends upon the competitive nature of the online industry and niche. Without knowing the findings it would be nearly impossible to formulate a keen plan of attack. Each provide unique details necessary to formulate a smart strategy.

Sure I could take short cuts by skipping time consuming steps to reduce a client’s SEO cost, but as a professional with my name attached to a search engine optimization campaign and my reputation on the line I could not afford to do this. If a business or website owner wants to trump their online competitors, have a solid online presence and convert online visitors into sales none of the steps can be eliminated from the process.

SEO Cost Verses No SEO Cost

Only you as a business owner can determine if SEO is worth your cost. Here are some questions that will help you.

  • What is an online sale worth to your bottom line?
  • Could increase brand awareness effect your reputation or popularity?
  • How many monthly prospects search online for your services or products?
  • What does it cost you to lose sales to online competitors?
  • How much do you pay for off line advertising and what is the ROI?
  • What is the dollar value of your website?

What is the Current Dollar Value of Your Website?

Most businesses and website owners consider SEO a cost. Personally I consider it an asset.

The more frequently your website appears in the search results of Google and others the more valuable your website is. About 15 years ago I sold one of my websites for a dollar figure that earned me a payday most would retire on and enjoy a very nice lifestyle.

Yes, SEO is an investment in your future as well as a way to increase cash flow for your business today.


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    Thanks for the great article, although you didn’t actually list any pricing. What do you think people should charge (or expect to pay) for SEO? In our experience every client situation is different so ultimately what is done is a result of budget, but I would say $300/month to start would be a great place.