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It is wise to check website ranking – with a website analysis tool.

The online industry can be a somewhat fickle one even if you have the most modern, aesthetically pleasing and informative website that completely caters to its audience needs. But this does NOT guarantee that it will have a top website ranking.

Monitoring Your SEO Ranking is Critical for Results

Check your website ranking with website analysisYour website ranking (aka SEO ranking) is all about how well it performs on search engine results for each of its individual keywords. If your site revolves around a popular topic or niche, you may find that there are a vast number of sites that rely on the same keywords as your site does to drive relevant traffic to your site. This can then cause a problem as you are faced with competition; who will gain the top website ranking within search  the results?

Because statistics show that a web user will commence a new search after looking through the first page of a result find; it is vital you have a method to monitor and check your website ranking on a regular basis;  and based on your findings amend your SEO ranking using best practices.

The position your site is presented on a search engine results page will ultimately, determine the level of  website traffic your site will receive. When checking your own website ranking analysis and it is nowhere to be found for targeted keywords, you quickly can determine why your traffic is not at your expected level.

There are a number of ways you can check website ranking using keywords which can help you identify how well your site is performing next to other, similar sites.

Check Website Ranking – How to Do it Right

Should You Do it Yourself?

Simply make a list of all relevant keywords that relate to your site or that you have used throughout your online marketing campaign, and add each keyword into the most popular search engine sites. As most web users opt to use Google, Yahoo and Bing, these are the main sites to focus on. Once your search has provided results, simply scroll through each page until your site appears. By selecting to only search the UK or the USA for example, you can compare your site’s performance against other sites that are located in close proximity to you.

The main disadvantage of checking your website rankling manually however is that it can be incredibly time consuming.

Another problem with conducting a manual search to view your search ranking, is that search engines use “personalized search” when returning results. This means that the results you are given can be different than what someone sees, even when entering the same exact keyword phrase into the search field.

Or Should You Use a Website Ranking Tool to Check Your Position?

A quick way to check your SEO ranking is through the use of a specialized website analysis program. Respectable tools will automatically calculate your SEO ranking, per keyword and track your position over time. A worthy website ranking analysis is a vital tool for many SEO managers and website owners to keeping tabs on their site’s performance and uncover missed search engine optimization factors.

SEO Ranking | Time Will Tell

If your site is fairly new, your website ranking is probably not as high as you would like. SEO is an ongoing task and so constant work will need to be completed in order to get your website ranking high and ultimately, keep your website traffic high also. In order to be able to effectively improve your website SEO ranking, you need to understand firstly, how search engine work and the fundamentals of search engine optimization so that these can be implemented into your website.

There are a number of online tutorials that can help you understand how search engines filter their results and what sites they will block from their results. However, it is important to also understand that each search engine will present different results. For example, if your site relates to custom bikes and when searched on Google your website ranking is 56; it may be ranked number 1500 on Bing etc. Therefore tracking your SEO ranking on more than one search engine is important.

Search engine optimization is complicated, and the rules are constantly changing. However if you follow best practices utilizing all aspects such as link building, social networking, article marketing, keyword optimization, using a link checker analysis and so forth; you will increase even your top website ranking, but also your site popularity as more users become aware of your site.

In order for your site to be respected from both the search engines and your visitors, the correct use of SEO optimization techniques are a must. All successful sites rely on this form of optimization as a way in which to increase their online exposure.

Bottom Line

When you use a top website ranking analysis and follow the recommendations, you will see your search ranking creep up on the page results.